About Hem House

Hem House creates new houses in exciting new types to reinvigorate cities with design forward projects. We work to redefine ‘house’ through architecture, user experience, and flexibility. From Hem House small, a studio on it’s own lot, to custom multi-family projects each project has a fresh take on what someone could call home. We create contemporary houses for contemporary people.

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General Inquires: info@hem.house

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Press: press@hem.house

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the inspiration for the name Hem House?

Hem is the word for home in Swedish. We’re inspired by contemporary nordic design, sustainable ambitions, and contributing strong assets to every community.

Can I customize my Hem House?

There is lots of customization you can do after you move in! At this time we don’t offer custom upgrades to Hem Houses. Simplicity in construction means excellence executed with each house.

Is Hem House a sustainable choice?

Hem House is built to reduce your impact on the planet. It starts with the size. Hem House isn’t too big, so it’s efficient to heat and cool. Our wall assemblies go beyond current energy codes for total r-value, and materials used in the house are durable and long lasting.

Will you build a Hem House on my lot?

It’s possible! Right now we only build in the Chicago area. Please reach out and tell us more about your property and we’ll let you know if Hem House is the right fit.

Is the siding long lasting?

Yes, the metal siding is a durable material that is a tough match for any weather. The panel profile is common and can be replaced if damaged.

Does Hem House fit in with it’s neighborhood?

We think so! The proportions and volume of each Hem House are similar to other buildings on the street. It may have a fresh new look, but each Hem House project is designed to fit nicely into the surrounding context.

Does every Hem House have a garage?

Yes, right now every Hem House is built with a two car garage. Starting in 2022 each garage is also equipped with a circuit for an easy upgrade to charge your electric car.

How is Hem House different from other Chicago single-family houses?

Hem House is less square footage than most single-family houses currently on the market. It also doesn’t have a basement. A smaller footprint means less space to clean, less space to heat but the light filled design makes the house live large.